Lloyd Storr’s Resident Research Award Submission

The Lloyd Storrs’ Lectureship provides a forum for residents to present their research and/or papers at the Texas Association of Otolaryngology's Annual Meeting.   The presenter can be the first or second author. The paper is acceptable even if it has already been presented or published.

Three prizes are awarded:
* 1st prize is an expense paid trip to the annual meeting and $1,000 cash
* 2nd  prize is $500
* 3rd prizes is $500

The winner of the 1st prize is required to present his/her work at the annual meeting.

The paper may be submitted to TAO by emailing submissions to TxAssnOto@gmail.com.  Every effort will be made to prevent the reviewers from recognizing the origin of the paper.  Reviewers are active members of the TAO.

The deadline to receive submitted papers is March 31, 2017.